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That's the essence of Shottio! Share your Stories with other Pro Users and become teammates. Work together wherever you are. See who's online when you're connected. With real-time sync and real-time notifications, storyboard collaboration has never been so awesome!


Multi Uploads

You started a Story? You want to get all that drawings online in one shot? We have you covered! Drag multiple images straight into Shottio to create your Story in seconds.


Branded .PDF exports

You can export your Story as a PDF file which you can later print or share. You will find the way to set up your units to represent a classic storyboard on paper. A great number of options, settings and customizing is possible while exporting to PDF.

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Boardomatic Watermarks

Once you have created your Story and Boardomatic, you can export it as a movie file to share and play back easily for an efficient timing reference. You can export your Boardomatic with Logos and Watermarks.



Draw directly in Photoshop, upload your boards to Shottio units, browse units versions, create new ones and share them with your Team. All without leaving your pen!


The best is yet to come!

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