Shottio for Music.


To add an audio file to your story, simply drag and drop it into the audio unit. Original music, voice over or sound bites can help you accentuate the action. Shottio supports MP3s, more formats to come soon.


Units are automatically numbered. Name your asset and colour-code the unit for quicker search. Drag and drop your units to reposition them. Their number will be adjusted automatically.



Simplify online collaboration for your team. Manage invitation and permissions in a couple of clicks. Comment on a unit and create tasks for your teammates. Shottio updates everyone online in realtime and works asynchroniously as well. Just keep an eye on your notifications.



Get your clients approval in a snap. Share your story as a .pdf export, as a video boardomatic or give access to the online content. Receive feedback and get the greenlight.

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Comment on audio

Have a precise and accurate review process for your sound design or music. Pin a comment to the exact place it needs to be on the audio wave. No more hesitation or discussion. Collaboration is fluid, now you just need to concentrate on creating your best sound.

Time it

Test the rythm of your story. Hit play and see your units as a slideshow. Adjust the lenght of the units. Give your tempo to the action.


Upload up to two audio tracks. Switch between sound or voice over. Test what works best with your content.


The best is yet to come!

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