Shottio for Vlogs.

If you create videos for your Vlog or Youtube channel, Shottio can be a precious ally. User-friendly, Shottio will help you structure your message and make it better for your audience.


Starting a new project with Shottio or adding content to your story only takes seconds. Simply drag and drop your sketch or pictures into the unit. Shottio supports multiple formats such as .jpeg, .png or .gif


Units are automatically numbered. Name your asset and colour-code the unit for quicker search. Drag and drop your units to reposition them. Their number will be adjusted automatically.



Simplify online collaboration for your team. Manage invitation and permissions in a couple of clicks. Comment on a unit and create tasks for your teammates. Shottio updates everyone online in realtime and works asynchroniously as well. Just keep an eye on your notifications.



Get your clients approval in a snap. Share your story as a .pdf export, as a video boardomatic or give access to the online content. Receive feedback and get the greenlight.

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Upload up to two audio tracks to your project. Test quickly if your voice over works with the footage you're planning or if your soundbites punctuate your message at the right place. Add serious production value to your project with Shottio!

Time it

Videos under 10 minutes have less chance to be referenced by algorithm, so less chances to be found. Creating relevant and engaging content 10 minutes or longer requires preparation. You can set the length of your units and give rythm to your project. Optimize the flow of your message. Make adjustements and keep your audience riveted.


Hours of content creation fun await you!

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