Here are some useful information and tips on how to use Shottio.

  • How do I create story?

    If you're logging in for the first time, Shottio will point you where to go right away. If you're a returning user of Shottio, you can create a new story simply by clicking the big purple "New Story" button, in the left upper corner. You can create a new Story at any time, from the application dashboard or from within another Story. 

  • Can I change the name of my Story?

    Yes, you can! Go to the Story Settings, first icon on the menu bar on the left. From there you can change the name of your Story, change your Story's framerate (24, 25 or 30 frames per second) and choose the type of production you're running. 

  • What formats is Shottio supporting for images?

    Shottio supports images in JPG, GIF or PNG. All ratio except 16:9 will be letterboxed in this version. To add an image, click "Upload Artwork" or simply drag and drop your file into a Unit.

  • What format is Shottio supporting for sound files?

    For now, Shottio only supports MP3 files for sound. For the moment, ONE sound Unit can be used in the Timeline. To upload sound, click "Upload Sound" or drag and drop your file into the audio unit.

  • What is a Unit and what can I do with it?

    A Unit represents one shot in your Story. You can do millions of things with your Units: name them, add new ones, duplicate them, delete them, describe, annotate or comment them, you can even colour code them! Adding units is the simplest thing: just click the "Add Unit" button in the menu bar on the left.
    SHOTTIO'S TIP: Give your Units a meaningful title for future reference and for more order.
    SHOTTIO'S TIP: Colour code your Units for better overview or to indicate a Units status. It's all up to you, bud.

  • What happens if I want to update my artwork?

    That's not a problem, we would have been surprise that you don't! Shottio keeps all versions of your Units. Simply choose the Unit you want to modify and click "Upload Artwork" or simply drag and drop your artwork into the Unit. Follow the procedure as if it was a new image. The latest uploaded version is visible. You can then navigate all the previous uploads and choose the Version you want to be visible in your Story.

  • The Units are too small, I can't see my artwork.

    Don't worry, you can easily Preview you Artwork by clicking the eye icon in your Unit. It's a very nice way to review previously uploaded versions.

  • Why is there a Description tab?

    It is there for you to describe your Unit. What's going on in this shot? Or what do you want to see happening here? This is what is also called "action" when making storyboards.

  • What is the difference between Description and Notes?

    The Notes tab is useful to get some real pre-production work started! Create Labels and write Notes for your Units to keep track of to do's and detailed information like SFX, lenses, post-production notes, etc.

  • How to use the Comments tab? 

    Discuss the status of your different Units with collaborators or just notify them about changes and updates. This feature takes all its dimension in Shottio PRO, where you can invite teammates to work with you on your Story and take advantage of real-time sync and notifications.

  • Column View or Panel View?

    You can choose between Column View or Panel View your Story. In the Column View, you can see your units side by side. Switch to Panel View to get  a thumbnail overview and to shuffle/organize your Units.

  • How does the Timeline work?

    Stretch the length of your Units and move them on the Timeline to set a preferred tempo or sync them to your uploaded Soundtrack. Track the length of your Story, Zoom in on your Timeline for more detail, Zoom out for better overview. You can also show or hide the Timeline. Very useful when you need more space in Row View or Panel View.

  • I have a set time to respect for my Story, can you help? 

    In Shottio, you can lock your Timeline to a specific duration. The content after this point will be ignored when exporting your Story.

  • How can I preview my Story?

    Just press the Play icon or hit Space, if you want to use our cool hotkeys, to preview your Story. If playback is lagging, please decrease the size of your browser window.

  • Can I get a paper version or a boardomatic of my Story? 

    You can have one, and more! You can export your Story to a video or a plethora of different PDF layouts that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator.
    You can store your export, print it or share your link to anyone on your Social Media channels.

  • Can I personalize my exports?

    In Shottio PRO, you can! Upload a user logo and a watermark for videos to brand your PDFs and Videos.
    Any good story needs a nice logo and a kick ass video watermark. Story Logo & Watermark is another feature to help you brand your PDFs and Videos.

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